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Pre-order LittleBigPlanet PSP for a tank costume


Ready to start collecting Sackboy costumes all over again? Pre-ordering LittleBigPlanet for PSP at GameStop seems to be a good way to get a headstart on building a respectable LittleBigCloset. The retailer is offering a series of six outfits based on popular PlayStation franchises, including two each from Uncharted 2, MotorStorm and Killzone 2. The costumes will be e-mailed with online orders or handed out on cards with in-store purchases.

One of the Killzone costumes is the tank revealed recently by LittleBigWorkshop. Hopefully, it'll be accessible for non-GameStop buyers, because we'd be heartbroken if every LBP player didn't get to run around in a lil' tank.

[Thanks, Kevin!]

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