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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ deck ain't no half-steppin'


"These aren't some made up tricks," scoffs our friendly narrator. "They're authentic scratches heard every night in the hottest clubs in the world." But authenticity -- the act of keeping it real -- doesn't end there for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ's Numark-designed peripheral, the Scratch Deck. Check these street credentials:
  • "the first legitimate DJ controller for video gamers" (oh snap!)
  • "Numark have been at the forefront of turntable production since the 1970s" (before you were even born, son!)
  • "utilizes technology that locks your scratches in the sweet spot of any sample" (bust that scientifical)
  • "build skills that will transfer over to any DJ setup" (who said anything about mad skillz?)
  • "you need beats" (just sayin')
  • "Dr. Dre, Just Blaze and Pete Rock" ( ... just sayin')
"The controller," authenticates Mix Master Mike, "very authentic." With that our narrator concludes, "So, now you're up on everything related to Scratch: The Ultimate DJ." But wait, isn't there, like, a video game somehow related to this peripheral? What up with that?

Update: So what's up with the game? "The game is coming along quite nicely under the direction of the Commotion Interactive team, and we will be releasing some new assets in a few weeks," a Scratch spokesperson tells Joystiq. And adds, "As of now, the release date is still spring 2010."

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