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Splinter Cell: Conviction collector's edition seeks revenge on your wallet


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In Splinter Cell: Conviction, superspy Sam Fisher is seeking revenge for his daughter's murder. In the Splinter Cell: Conviction collector's edition, you'll find a varying degree of bonus items -- some cool, some silly -- that Ubisoft is seeking $79.99 for.

Due to arrive on the same day as the standard edition (February 23, 2010) the set will include a comic book prequel to the events in the game; an art book with illustrations from all the previous Splinter Cell titles; a DLC weapon and player skin; a credit-card-sized USB drive filled with art and a making-of featurette; and two stickers: one of the Third Echelon logo and another that looks like those fake bullet holes people slap on their cars to make it appear that they live in a warzone.

Ubisoft's sell-sheet for the CE thankfully displays the game disc and manual, lest you worry they're not included. They go inside the DVD steelcase, which we'd say might be good for deflecting bullets, but appears to already have been used for just that purpose.

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