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Sprint marketing exec talks Android, WiMAX, WinMo 7, and more

Chris Ziegler

Sprint's vice president of consumer marketing David Owens sat down with the community at large last week to answer a few burning questions about Sprint's current and future lineup, and there were a few juicy tidbits, reaffirmations, and rumor confirmations that came out of it worth mentioning:

  • There will be a WiFi-enabled Tour (the phone we know as the Essex) along with other WiFi BlackBerrys in the future.
  • Sprint's 2010 HTC lineup is said to be "robust" with a number of additional Android-powered models in the pipe.
  • WiMAX phones are apparently on track for 2010, which would put them head-to-head with MetroPCS' goal of a Samsung handset for its new LTE network next year.
  • Windows Mobile 7 phones are "planned for 2010" but the ball is in Microsoft's court to deliver on the software.
  • He mentions that upgrades to Android 1.6 and 2.0 (presumably for the Hero and Moment, both of which are currently running 1.5) would likely not be over-the-air due to their size -- this sounds bogus considering that T-Mobile has had no problem going from 1.0 all the way up to 1.6 on the G1, but we'll need to see how this shakes out.
So here's what we want based on what we're hearing in the conversation: an HTC-sourced WiMAX Android phone with the Moment's AMOLED display. Doable?

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