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Alice 2 'teaser' not officially sanctioned

Justin McElroy

On Monday, we brought you an awfully official-looking teaser trailer for a follow-up to American McGee's Alice, which was announced in February. Now, via his blog, McGee is debunking the cool stop-motion clip, saying, "I wanted to clear up any confusion ... it was unofficial, and does not represent any of the final art direction or story elements in Alice 2." It's worth noting that when we attempted to verify the clip's authenticity on Monday, we tracked the site (the now-missing back to American McGee, so the confusion is pretty understandable.

The "fan" that created the video, Troy Morgan, is an accomplished artist who has worked with the developer in the past. Morgan says he created the ad on spec as an ad pitch to EA, though it appears not to have been picked up. It's a pity, because the clip was just starting to get us excited for a return to (evil) Wonderland.

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