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Ask Engadget HD: Where can I find Blu-ray movies for cheap on Black Friday and beyond?


Prices on Blu-ray players continue to plunge, inducing more and more to make the jump, but what about the software? We've asked where you buy your discs before, but this time we're presented with a brand new adopter looking to stock up on titles during the holiday season. That's Sean's situation, where to look for Blu-ray discs over the next month if price is the only consideration.

"Instead of camping out for a big ticket purchase on black Friday, I already grabbed a new flat screen and Blu-ray player, but so far I only have a couple of movies to watch on it. I really want to upgrade my library with plenty of reference quality selections, and I figure holiday seasons will be a great time to do it. Any advice on where to look for the deepest discounts / bundles over the next couple of months?"

So, we know there's more than a few of you always on the lookout for a BOGO or better offer to come along whether buying for yourself or as gifts, any tips for our tightfisted friend here?

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