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CBS bringing Diagnosis Murder, some other stuff to gaming platforms

Justin McElroy

CBS announced today that it's bringing a wide array of its TV programming to the video game world, mainly via the PC, Wii and DS. As you can see after the break, the company revealed equally insipid-sounding game versions of Survivor, Hollywood Squares, The Amazing Race, and Criminal Minds, but we don't see how we're supposed to care about any of it when it was also revealed that a Diagnosis Murder game is in the works.

We're assuming it's a Visceral-developed "dark" take on the DM mythos, with a Gothic Dr. Mark Sloan walking a demonic version of Los Angeles, solving murder mysteries with a caduceus-shaped staff dipped in angel blood. We assume this because we laid out the design doc pretty clearly in our letters, and we can't fathom why CBS would want to disappoint us.

Available now:

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Deadly Intent (Ubisoft); for Wii, Xbox 360 & PC
  • CSI: Deadly Intent - The Hidden Cases (Ubisoft); for DS

Available 2010:
  • The Amazing Race (Ludia Inc.); multiplatform
  • Survivor (Mindscape); for Wii & DS

Available Holiday 2010:
  • Diagnosis Murder (Merscom); for PC/Mac
  • Criminal Minds (Legacy Interactive); for PC
  • Ghost Whisperer (Legacy Interactive); for PC
  • The Hollywood Squares (Ludia, Inc.); for PC/Mac, consoles & iPhone/iPod touch

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