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Cities XL releases first content pack

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Cities XL is nearing the end of their first month post-launch and beginning to look toward what the future holds for the game.

Their first step is the release of their very first content pack, and Cities XL promises more to come on a regular basis. All Cities XL players will now have a new farm model, a high school, and a Ford dealership to add to their growing towns, with even more new content exclusive to Planet Offer players.

The content pack for Planet Offer subscribers will also include an eye-catching Old England building pack, three new maps (Want to live in a crater? You can now.), and three new megastructures. You can gather the resources to build the megastructures, but Cities XL also offers up an interesting addition to their overview: "Check your profile out on a regular basis to see if you are the lucky winner of an Alcatraz prison, a Tokyo Imperial Palace or a 30 St Mary Axe office building!"

The new content is automatically downloaded and installed through the launcher, so you won't need to do anything extra to receive it.

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