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Microsoft warns users of worm that targets MMO players


Remember how we always tell you to remain vigilant against malicious programs that can compromise your MMO account's security? Well, it seems we now have more reason to remain vigilant.

Microsoft's latest security intelligence report covers the resurgence of worm type viruses and specifically mentions one that targets MMO players -- Taterf. As a worm, Taterf attempts to divine the user's account name and password through keystroke logging, reading the active memory, and even injecting itself into the game client. Either way, by the end of it, you end up naked and goldless. Hrm, we wonder if Taterf has been masquerading itself as our last girlfriend.

Taterf mostly enjoys the Asian games, like ZT Online, Lineage, and the Legend of Mir, but don't think you're out of the clear. World of Warcraft and Steam also rank high on Taterf's target list.

Taterf spreads through removable media connections, such as USB drives. The virus copies itself to the drive once the drive is connected to an infected computer, and it then creates an autorun.inf file that executes the virus the second another computer even looks at the drive's directory. So, if you want to protect yourself against Taterf, watch those removable connections.... if you know what we're saying.

[Via The MMO Gamer]

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