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Allow Activision to introduce you to Taylor Swift


If you're anything like us, you threw off your Taylor Swift comforter this morning, changed out of those Taylor Swift jammies, and thought to yourself, "Today is one more day to win a chance to meet Taylor Swift." Thankfully, Activision and upcoming family-friendly music game Band Hero are teaming up to make that dream a reality.

If you purchase a copy of Band Hero in the month of Novemeber (why, that's this month!), you can enter for a chance for two to meet Taylor Swift. Alright, alright, now calm down. You're panting. It's going to be alright. After you pick up your copy of Band Hero tonight, slowly remove the instruction manual from the inside of the game box and simply enter the code from its back at this website. According to the site, you could supposedly win some other stuff or something, but whatever.

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