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Card-based Madden Ultimate Team mode coming in January

Justin McElroy

Click to open the foil wrapper on a giant version.

Well, this is a rarity: A sports game mode that's too nerdy even for us. When "Madden Ultimate Team" mode comes to Madden 10 on 360 and PS3 for free in January, you'll collect packs of cards (or buy them via the in-game store) and use those cards to compose a fantasy team, customizing everything from your head coach and stadium to your plays and players. You can then pit your ultimate team against those of other players or the CPU. Think fantasy football mixed with ... well, let's be honest, Pokemon.

Wow guys, really? Collectible card game battling? We thought Madden players were supposed to be the cool ones, but you're getting into some really noogie-prone territory here.

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