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Icecrown Citadel testing for this weekend

Michael Sacco

Come, my tan-faced children. Follow well in order! Get your weapons ready! Because Icecrown Citadel raid testing is back on track for both the US and EU, according to Lead Encounter Designer Scott Mercer, AKA Daelo.

His post on the official forums has scheduled the following encounters for testing on the Patch 3.3 PTR, barring any unforeseen difficulties, including build changes, server status, or capricious developer whims.

US Servers
Friday, November 6 at 7PM EST / 4 PM PST – Valithria Dreamwalker
Saturday, November 7 at 4PM EST / 1PM PST – Icecrown Gunship Battle
EU Servers
Friday, November 6 at 19:30 CET – Lady Deathwhisper
Saturday, November 7 at 19:30 CET – Professor Putricide
And be sure to let us know if you catch a glimpse of that legendary sharp-edged axe, pioneers, o pioneers!

Patch 3.3 is the last major patch of Wrath of the Lich King. With the new Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons and 10/25-man raid arriving soon, patch 3.3 will deal the final blow to the Arthas.'s Guide to Patch 3.3 will keep you updated with all the latest patch news.

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