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WoW Moviewatch: Mankrik's Wife: The Story


Some World of Warcraft quests have taken on a life of their own. These quests are emblazoned in our minds like the shining sun. They will never be forgotten. Certainly, Wrathgate is one such quest. However, before even that epic quest, the Horde traveling the Barrens have dealt with Mankrik and his wife. Such is the power of Mankrik meme that it has now become a machinima of its own.

Wowcrendor has taken up the epic tale and created Mankrik's Wife: The Story. This movie has a handful of gags similar to Wowcrendor's previous movies, but this film is a great deal more serious. I mean, it's not straight-face no-laughs serious, but the author is clearly telling a story. It's not quite the same kind of one-liners and sight gags we've seen before from Wowcrendor.

The best part for me was titling Mankrik's spouse "Wifeosaurus." That's a pretty fun shout-out to Wowcrendor's first movie, It's a Hard Gnome Life. I like that kind of continuity. I really feel like Wowcrendor is creating his own legacy, and I hope to see him continue to grow.

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