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Breakfast Topic: Getting guildies to the website

Mike Schramm

This is certainly an issue (if not a full-blown problem) in my guild, so I wouldn't be surprised if most guilds have a rough time getting guild members to use some of the outside resources they've put together. Nowadays, there are so many ways to make a guild website and so many different things you can do with one that most every guild has at least one place online to call its own. And those places are usually frequented by one or two people in the guild (usually the person running the site and/or maybe the GM and an officer or two), but in my experience, it's kind of tough to get people to use those resources, just because of lack of interest or know-how or habit. What's the point of having a database of members, a message board, and a blog and picture gallery when no one uses it?

Enter Ankie of WoW Ladies, with an intriguing idea to support the guild's website.

They have a little meta-game going, where every time you do something to contribute to the resource, you earn points, which are then redeemed for items from the guild bank. Put in a bio, get some points, redeem them for a guild bank enchant or a vanity pet. In essence, they're rewarding activity on the guild's site with little guild-related bonuses in the game, building a nice community in both places.

Obviously, that might not be feasible for all guilds, and certainly you can make your own tweaks (maybe you want to run a contest for one specific thing instead). But to those of you out there who've found a good way to build community in your guild (for the rest of us who have lots of resources that aren't getting used), what other ways have you found to connect your guildies outside the game?

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