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Blu-ray releases on November 10th 2009

Ben Drawbaugh

Big week for Pixar fans as the latest animated feature, Up, is released, along with the Pixar classic Monster, Inc. Warner continues to release catalogs, but with the size of its catalog, it could probably release four a week every week and still never finish. For the most part this is a good week for Blu-ray but we know you are with us when we say that next week is what we're really waiting for as Star Trek was probably the best movie to hit the theaters this year and it hits Blu-ray next Tuesday.

  • Up (Walt Disney)
  • Monsters, Inc. (Walt Disney)
  • The Ugly Truth (Sony)
  • Godzilla (Sony)
  • Heat (Warner)
  • Logan's Run (Warner)
  • Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (Warner)
  • The Negotiator (Warner)
  • Mamma Mia! (Gift Set) (Universal)
  • Near Dark (Lionsgate)
  • Red Heat (Lionsgate)
  • Spread (Anchor Bay)
  • World's Most Beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets (Digital Enviroments)
  • Ballast (Kino)
  • The Echo (Image)
  • The General (Kino)
  • Kingdoms Of The Coast (Razor)
  • The Line (Maya)

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