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Final Fantasy XI releases version update minus crafting

Eliot Lefebvre

Well, maybe we should just be happy the Summoner updates went live now. The much-discussed November version update for Final Fantasy XI was released today, but it's lacking something that had just recently been announced -- namely, the entire evolith and synergy system that was promised to be dropped along with the version update. Square-Enix officially stated that the change is coming in another version update past mid-November. And, sadly, it gets a little worse before it gets better -- one of the promised ranger changes, reduced threat from ranged attacks at longer distances, has been nixed.

But let's not dwell on the negatives, really. After all, the crafting is coming soon enough, and it's not as if this update was sparse on content to begin with. There are a pile of new quests available, new improvements to the Moblin Maze Mongers service, and all the other updates and job changes we've covered previously. Not to mention that the add-on scenario A Shantotto Ascension is ready to play, something likely to produce at least some joy and spontaneous fits of rhyming. Take a look at the list of official patch notes for all the details, and don't fret -- there's enough content that you're sure to find something to do until mid-November.

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