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For the UK's best Modern Warfare 2 deal, head to the grocery store


Grocery stores aren't typically known for great video game deals -- we can't remember any notable supermarket game purchases since our local Albertson's cleared out its NES rentals. But Sainsbury supermarkets in the UK have an offer worth noting: the retailer has cut the price of Modern Warfare 2 to just £26 ($43.76), an amazing £29 off the regular price.

Tesco is also offering a big price cut on Modern Warfare 2: it's £25 with the purchase of another bestselling game (The Guardian specifies "top-20" games), or £39.70 on its own. Tescos, which are open all the time anyway, will begin selling the game at midnight tonight, as will five Sainsbury's locations. Unless they're like stores in the US, in which case they began selling them last week.

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