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Mobiado keeps going with the analog clock meme, intros Professional 105GMT Stealth and Antique

Chris Ziegler

When you hear "ability to see 3 time zones simultaneously" quoted as a feature on a phone, you generally don't expect two of those three to be expressed as analog Swiss movements -- unless you own Mobiado's absurd Professional 105GMT, of course, which features two old-fashioned clocks directly below the keypad. Weird, yes; excessive, most definitely, but excess is what luxury phones tend to be all about these days, and in that regard, the 105GMT definitely fits the bill. To that end, Mobiado has just introduced two new versions of the model, the Antique -- with watch faces crafted in rare Cocobolo wood -- and the Stealth, which is as "murdered out" as a phone gets (as the kids would say) thanks to gunmetal black treatment everywhere you look. Both phones are hard to find and even harder to pay for with stickers that run into the thousands of dollars, but the good news is that if you're weird enough to drop that kind of coin on a phone, we bet you probably don't care that it's only got a 2 megapixel camera.

[Via mobile-review]

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