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Second season of Xbox Live's 1 vs. 100 starts Nov. 19


If you've been missing your trivia fix on Xbox Live, you should be happy to learn that Microsoft has dated the second season of its Xbox Live quiz-'em-up, 1 vs. 100. Expect the game to return on November 19 at 5:00 PDT, where it'll dish out another 14 weeks' worth of questions -- and this time around, your chance to be The One or a part of The Mob will be determined by one thing: score.

Multiple-choice maniacs will be able to play the new season of 1 vs. 100 on a daily basis through themed Extended Play sessions every night, including "Finish the Lyrics," "80's" night and -- yes, we're totally serious -- "Vampires." Finally, a theme night your 12-year-old sister can get behind!

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