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Smash TV creator talks potential sequel


Speaking to RetroGaming, Mark Turmell, co-creator of Smash TV, revealed that a sequel to the game might be forthcoming. According to Turmell, design for a sequel began some time ago, with the developers opting for a 3D game that maintained the top-down viewpoint of the original. Programming for the game had actually begun, but further progress was halted thanks to the Midway meltdown earlier this year.

Turmell noted that Warner Bros. obtained the rights to Smash TV in its acquisition of Midway, adding that the company has "already identified that there's interest in some of that old Midway IP." When asked whether we'd still see a Smash TV sequel, Turmel said, "I'm sure you'll see a Smash TV that will rise again." Turmell admitted he wouldn't take part in such a project, saying, "It's a shame that I won't be involved with it this time around."

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