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Xbox 360 Wireless N adapter live in the UK, US release still a mystery

Alas, the troubled tale of the Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter has reached a conclusion, albeit not the exact conclusion many (including Microsoft, no doubt) would have hoped. Nearly two months after first being caught in the public spotlight (thanks, FCC!) – and then casually confirmed, sans press release, price, or release date – the Xbox 360's second attempt at a this-should-really-be-built-in wireless networking adapter has found its way to some store shelves, apparently.

An Engadget reader snapped the above pic at UK-supermarket Asda where the adapter is evidently selling for £49, which converts to a (relatively speaking!) very reasonable $82. Of course, it's nowhere to be found on any major US retail sites and Microsoft is keeping mum so the cat-and-mouse game continues. Naturally, we've put (another) word into Microsoft and we'll let you know when they respond with the usual shrug.

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