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Navigon updates again - adds live traffic

Mel Martin

Navigon [iTunes link] has been very aggressive in the world of iPhone navigation. After taking the early lead in features, they continue to pour on the steam. Using in-app purchasing, any Navigon owners can now get live traffic, both crowd-sourced, and additional data from Clear Channel radio stations and other traffic providers.

According to Navigon:

  • Users receive immediate on-screen alerts via iconic warnings indicating accidents, construction and other incidents that can cause congestion along the current route.
  • Provides detailed information regarding the severity of the incident and the speed of traffic flow.
  • Based on the real-time traffic warnings and the excellent mapping functionality the user can determine an efficient, alternative route or stay on the course.
  • The software automatically adjusts estimated time of arrival.
The add-on is U.S. $19.99 as a one time charge for the next 4 weeks. Then it reverts to $24.99 for the lifetime subscription. I'll review the live traffic feature as soon as I get it loaded and try it on some traffic laden routes.

I've found the Navigon app a pleasure to use. In addition to the extra cost traffic info, this new release has added to the base software. That includes extended destination search. If you are not sure of the address you can move an icon around on a map and navigate to that point. The app also can launch in landscape mode.

Navigon has offered a car kit in Europe with a cradle, speaker and power connections. The company says it is evaluating selling the kit in the U.S., but hasn't come to a final decision.

As I've mentioned in this space before, expect a holiday round up of all the nav apps we've tested, along with some recommendations. Drive carefully.

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