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RFiDJ: the coaster-controlled HTPC switches playlists while you switch drinks (video)

Darren Murph

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You know, RFID hasn't done much for itself in the consumer market. To most average Joes and Janes, the tech is really only around for use in complex supply chains and warehouses that they'd rather block from their minds. Thanks to Roteno Labs, we now have at least one glorious example of just how awesome RFID tags truly are, as the RFiDJ project demonstrates how tagged coasters can be used to instantly switch playlists stored on an HTPC. You simply set a designated coaster on top of the machine, and within seconds a new playlist is activated. We hear that videos actually do speak louder than words, so we'll just stop here and beg you to hop on past the break for a memorable encounter with splendiferousness.

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