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WoW Moviewatch: Just HoT Me Now


Just HoT Me Now
by Coma Niddy is an interesting take on rap in WoW parodies. Which, I guess, is another way of saying it doesn't have belfs in it. Well, it has blood elves doing stuff, but the main performer is an orc. I'm not sure if Coma is creating a genre of Orc Rap, but in the meantime, I definitely enjoyed his video.

The song was written by Coma Niddy, and features a number of interesting rhyme choices. I think Coma did a great job of making all the pieces come together and maintaining a narrative flow through the entire song. The soundtrack needed to focus a little more on the voices, since I felt like the lyrics could be tough to pick out against the music. Still, that kind of thing can be chalked up to personal performance, as I know a lot of professional music has the same dynamic.

The video, though, was spot on for this level of machinima. I don't often expect fancy graphics or complex storyboards from music-based videos. (Although, that certainly can be a plus.) I like seeing the musician play with the video action in tandem with his lyrics, which is something I think Coma Niddy did pretty well.

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