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Breakfast Topic: What class is your worgen going to be?

Michael Sacco

Cataclysm's coming, but thankfully you appear to have a bit of time left in Wrath's lifespan to decide how you're gonna tackle the expansion first. Me, I haven't decided yet. I want to level my shaman to 85 first -- maybe even go for realm first shaman/draenei if I've got the time and inclination -- or go for broke and level the hell out of a worgen in New Azeroth.

I know for a fact that I'll be rolling at least one worgen. My class selection's probably going to be a male worgen fury warrior, for the "hell yes" factor, and a female worgen frost mage because it appears they'll be tall, svelte things. And yes, I plan to roll a goblin too.

So what about you guys? Excited to blaze new trails and be Eastern Kingdom pioneers with your wolfman (or -woman)? What are you going to roll? Does your worgen have a backstory you're building? Let us know in the comments and in the poll below!


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