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Logitech plans to acquire LifeSize Communications, coming soon to a boardroom near you

Tim Stevens

There's a good chance you've owned a Logitech webcam at some point in your life, and if all goes according to plan your company's executives might soon be buying them, too. Logitech has announced intent to acquire LifeSize Communications, makers of high-end, high-def video-conferencing systems that primarily find themselves installed at one end of long, richly stained tables, flanked by tall leather chairs and positioned such that the CEO can gesture vaguely toward the camera and proudly say how expensive it was without actually knowing how to use it. If approved, the $405 million deal will put Logitech in competition with industry stalwarts like Polycom and Cisco, creating a no-holds-barred rumble for boardroom domination that will leave no golden parachute untouched.

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