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The Daily Grind: What part has stayed the same?

Eliot Lefebvre

MMOs change. A lot, in fact. There are always new updates or new developments, always something that's being improved or altered, added or removed, whatever. But even with all of that, there are certain things that don't change after all. If you've been with your current favorite game for a couple months or several years, there are usually fixed aspects that weather the changes and can server as comforting touchstones. Sometimes it's that certain classes always have the same role, sometimes it's the way the game plays, sometimes it's even just the look of a very familiar area. Whatever it is, there are constants that don't move even as the rest of the game does.

We ask you today: what part of your preferred MMO has stayed the same for you? What feels like a bedrock portion of the game, something that you'd miss immeasurably if it was removed or altered? No matter how silly or serious, there are things we use as fixed points of commonality, so what serves that purpose in your game of choice?

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