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Virtual WoW pet sells out [update: the Monk is back!]


We thought the institution of a for-pay pet store in World of Warcraft would incite enough outrage. However, Blizzard has gone one step further, declaring the Pandaren Monk pet "sold out" just one week after the launch of the store. Even though, as a virtual item, any scarcity or supply limitation would be fully artificial. And even though Blizzard pledged to donate half of the proceeds from sale of that item to Make-A-Wish until the end of the year. The Lil' K.T. pet is currently still available.

It's the Make-A-Wish pledge that makes us believe that this is less a nefarious plot to deprive players of their fake pets and more an error in Blizzard's shopping system -- probably triggered as a result of too many people buying the Monk. We fully expect WoW players to be given the opportunity to waste their money on this pet (for a good cause) soon.

Update: The Pandaren Monk is once again available for sale. Blizzard told us that a "minor technical error" caused the Monk to display as out of stock.


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