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Artist's resume lists work on 'R3' for Insomniac Games


If you're impressed by the works of artist Ben Mauro -- featured on his blog, "Perpetual Motion" -- you may soon be seeing more of it in the next game from Resistance developer Insomniac Games. According to Mauro's LinkedIn profile, he spent three sleepless months from March until May 2009 crafting content for several projects, including "RCF2" (presumably Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time), "R3" and some unannounced items. [Note: Mentions of "R3" and "unannounced projects" have mysteriously vanished since we contacted the parties concerned.]

Though Insomniac's PlayStation 3 release pattern -- oh, and a massive billboard -- would seem to unfurl "R3" as Resistance 3, a third outing for Chimera crusher Nathan Hale has not been officially announced. A bigger, better sequel would undoubtedly provide a good opportunity to counter the negative feedback that the previous game incurred in hardcore fans.

[Via Game Guru]

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