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Awaken 1.2 for iPhone adds options to alarm clock app


A couple of years ago I used the Mac version of Awaken from Embraceware to get myself out of bed in the morning. It's a well-done app that uses your computer as an alarm clock with lots of programmable options, a tidy full-screen mode and more.

Then I had kids, and Awaken slipped off my radar; the sound of screaming is even more effective (but less customizable) than my favorite podcast. Therefore, I missed Awaken for iPhone and iPod touch. Earlier this week, Embraceware released version 1.2 with a number of improvements, including landscape mode, new "8-bit" and "Classic LCD" display mode (I'm loving the 8-bit), and three new flashlight modes, including a clever CF bulb for the eco-anxious. Shake the phone to turn the flashlight on and off. As is the case for all third-party iPhone alarm clocks, the app needs to be running to activate the alarm (you can use sleep mode to drift off to music).

There's much more to version 1.2 which you can check out here, including some pesky bugs squashed. Awaken for iPhone and iPod touch is available now [iTunes link] for $1.99US. And if that won't get you out of bed, try having some kids.

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