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Everyone rush! Multiplayer returns to PS3 Modern Warfare 2 [update]


Just as Veteran's Day comes to a close, it appears Infinity Ward has finally been able to get the online infrastructure stable for the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 2. It appears the third party-powered servers simply couldn't handle the overwhelming demand following the game's launch. Makes sense: it did sell close to a zillion copies. "We expect smooth skies ahead," IW's Robert Bowling stated in a recent tweet. That is, unless all of you rush to your PS3s again now that multiplayer is working yet again. Remember, though: this is simply a server-side fix that allows you to play multiplayer. The party system still won't work until a patch, planned for release on Friday.

Like many Joystiq commenters have pointed out, we're hoping this closure means the end of Modern Warfare 2 stories for a while. Hopefully we can keep this tag closed for at least a few days, before people start murmuring about the inevitable DLC to come.

Update: The PS3 patch for party invites has also gone live. More info can be found here.

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