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Gamestop's digital plan: Sell DLC in stores

Justin McElroy

We've known for a while that Gamestop is anxious to fend off irrelevance by getting into the digital game. The company has laid out a plan (with points and everything) and hired someone to head up the effort, but we're not sure this latest step is entirely positive. As reported by The Cut Scene, GameStop COO Paul Raines told attendees of the BMO Capital Markets conference how the company planned to put DLC kiosks in its stores next year, allowing people to buy additional content as they buy the full game.

We understand why the company is scrambling to be involved with digital delivery. Honestly, we do. But the first time some well-meaning Gamestop employee asks us if, in addition to buying the game, we'd also like to purchase the rest of the game, we're going to up-sell his name tag into his nostril.

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