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Psystar alienates the Hackintosh community, too


Say what you will about Psystar, the community that continues to sell computers running OS X, despite bankruptcy, constant legal problems with Apple, and a case so slim even their own legal team gave up. Sure, they're out of reason, out of room, and way out of line, but at least they've got plenty of cojones, as the locals say.

Why else would they say the things they do in this Miami Times article? Our friends at Engadget lay out just what's wrong with that piece, from Robert and Rudy's Pedraza's claims that they "cracked the code" behind OS X, to the suggestions and hints that what they're doing just might not be a contract violation. Whether or not Apple's EULA is enforceable is, of course, one of the arguments at issue in Psystar's case, even though plenty of shrinkwrap licenses have been upheld in court before. Apple's also got a copyright infringement claim against Psystar; this will be one of the topics at today's summary judgement hearing in California.

But the kicker in all this is the statement that Rudy Pedraza makes about the famed Hackintosh scene -- a community of people who persist in running OS X on hardware and devices that it wasn't supposed to run on (not nearly as much of a problem to Apple, as they don't sell the capability like Psystar does, but still not technically allowed by the license agreement). Surely, you might think, this is where the Pedrazas could find friends; surely, despite all of the commotion they're causing, this is the place where they could find a kind ear and a helping hand. Nope. From the article: "The first thing you have to do is unlearn everything you've read online about how to make this work," Rudy says, "because it's all wrong."

Nice. Way to alienate the one group, the one community that might still support your cause. I wish Psystar the best of luck -- not, mind you, because I need to buy or run any of their machines (I buy Apple because I appreciate both the hardware and the software), but just because their story continues to be so darn entertaining.

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