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Sony: Uncharted 2 has sold over one million copies

Okay, so Modern Warfare 2 sold more copies than there are people on the planet -- let's not get so lost in the hub-bub of everyone's new fling that we forget about the practically ancient Uncharted 2. Aren't you curious how it's been selling? Well, earlier today, at the BMO Capital Markets "Digital Entertainment Conference," Sony America VP of Business Development Phil Rosenberg announced that "as of last week, we've already sold over a million copies [of Uncharted 2] in just a couple weeks on the market."

We have no way of knowing whether that number is accurate, though with the NPDs due out later today, we imagine we'll be finding out soon if it's as inflated as Nate Drake's ego, or if it's as accurate as Nate Drake ... using ... using a sniper rifle. And shooting stuff. Like, in an accurate manner.

[Via G4TV]

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