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Vestax Spin might just be the USB-based DJ rig of your dreams, only shinier


Your USB-based DJ-ing options aren't exactly all that limited these days, but there's few rigs out there quite as eye-catching as this new Spin controller developed by Vestax and Algoriddim. Designed for Mac users only, this one packs two touch sensitive jog wheels front and center, along with a full multi-channel audio system complete with the requisite sliders, mic input (and included microphone), audio output, and of course that USB connection, which also eliminates the need for a power adapter. On the software side of things you'll get Algoriddim's djay 3 mixing application, plus some out-of-the-box integration with iTunes to let you easily pull tracks for your mix. Sold? Then you can snag this one right now for $250.

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