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Xbox 360 passes 10 million consoles in Europe


Microsoft today announced that it has sold in excess of 10 million Xbox 360 consoles throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company then touts Aaron Greenberg's favorite chestnut, noting that the Xbox 360 is the only console that has managed to achieve sales growth in 2009. The press release quotes Martin Olausson of Strategy Analytics, who states his belief that Xbox Live is "12 to 18 months" ahead of PSN in regard to delivering "content beyond traditional games."

Microsoft also cites an internal study, which found that 60 percent of Xbox 360 consoles are now housed in a "family living room." Furthermore, the study found that women now account for 35 percent of Xbox owners, and that 64 percent of Xbox owners are over the age of 25.

If that's true, we're guessing that the majority of Xbox Live headset owners make up the remaining 36 percent.

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