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YouTube going 1080p, already?


A year removed from adding 720p streams to its repertoire, YouTube Director of Product Management Hunter Walk hit the stage at NewTeeVee Live and mentioned, among other things, that over the next few days it will be rolling out 1080p video, including going back and re-encoding all previous videos uploaded at that resolution. While other streaming services have offered 1080p for some time now we weren't exactly expecting YouTube to flip the switch just yet. With an eye towards improving quality for its 10-foot experience and moving beyond just the computer screen, clearly an upgrade was necessary, though Blu-ray or even VUDU quality is probably out of the question (though if the company jumps in the online rental biz all bets are off) the commitment is for your uploaded content to "look as good or better than the source quality." Check the video after the break for more tidbits about what's next for the site, including YouTube XL.

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