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Using only words, man steals nearly $7000 of GameStop merchandise


It's totally possible at this point that a strange ploy to keep us writing about Modern Warfare 2 at least four to five times per day exists. WPXI in Pittsburgh today reports that Western Pennsylvanian police are still looking for a man who robbed a Meadville, Pa. GameStop of 100 copies of the game (and "a few other items") last Tuesday evening. According to the report, the man told the store clerks that his friend outside would shoot them if they called the police.

Okay, first things first – how did he carry them out? 100 copies of the game, all by himself?! Those cellophane-covered boxes can get slippery when they're all stacked up! Assuming the games are in a box, that'd still be awfully cumbersome to maneuver out of a store. Second of all, where is this GameStop that has plenty of extra copies of any game on launch day? This whole thing stinks! Stinks, we say!

[Thanks, Yahya]

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