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WoW Moviewatch: Among the Badger Men


The Wolvar are one of my favorite parts of Wrath of the Lich King, and I'm darn happy that they're finally getting their moment in the sun. Stone Falcon Productions has brought the love for Wolvar to the public in their mockumentary called Among the Badger Men.

Among the Badger Men is an amazing piece of work, especially when you consider the team created this piece in a mere 48 hours. The voice acting is spot on. The music is well selected and perfectly matches the "action" of the film. The plot is wonderfully complex, with enough moving parts to hold the audience's attention through the entire movie.

I especially enjoy the characterization of the Badger Men. I grant that the way the Badger Men (People) are portrayed doesn't really match the Wolvar from in-game text, but it's still pretty amusing how they react to the explorer with straight-faced amusement.

You should definitely take the time to check out this movie. It's a little longer than most videos we feature here, but i promise it's worth the time.

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