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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is becoming its own worst enemy

Yeah, that whole airport scene is pretty upsetting. You know what's even worse, though, as far as the corruption of the human spirit is concerned? Modern Warfare 2's online multiplayer. The cycle breaks down like this: You play against hateful people who call you brave new swear words as they wipe the floor with you, which in turn makes you more hateful -- repeat ad nauseam. This new hate can even extend beyond the confines of the game, and infect other portions of your life. For instance, it might even slip into a post you write for a video game news site, you freaking jerkfaces.

Whoa, that was uncalled for. As we go cool our jets, check out the seven webcomics from this past week which we've highlighted below. Read them all, then vote for your favorite after the break. If there are any notable strips missing, make sure you point them out in the comments section.

Toads (Brawl in the Family)
At The Midnight Hour (Penny Arcade)
Beneath Torchlight, True Might is Revealed (Dipswitch)
Approaching Infallibility (Virtual Shackles)
'fficial Instructions (Slackerz)
Cold, Cold Mountain (2P Start)
Calm and Pre-Orderly Fashion (Player vs. Player)


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