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WRUP: Dragon What?


Last week, it seemed that our dearly beloved World of Warcraft had sprouted some strange, new zone called Dragon Age. I've been nagging Alexstrasza to tell me what's up with that, since I figured that Wyrmrest Temple was a natural place to unlock that zone. But, oddly, she's got nothing. Still, she's pleasant company, and I don't mind lurking around her boots. They're all stylish and kicky.

In all seriousness, though, after reading about so many of the staff trying it out, I have to admit I'm starting to get curious about the Dragon Age myself. Do you think if I ask often enough, Alexstrasza might show up in it to say "hello"?

Let's see what the staff is playing this weekend. Once you've scanned through, drop by in the comments and tell us: What are you playing?

  • Adam Holisky: (@adamholisky) - Dragon Age: Origins and MW:2.
  • Alex Ziebart: (@aziebart) -Dragon Age, and then soaking my Tab finger in ice for a few hours. Dragon Age players will understand that. The rest of you are mere husks of men.

  • Allison Robert: I'm going to spend the weekend continuing to have absolutely no idea what the hell Dragon Age even is, working on some smaller achievements, and running around like a headless chicken trying to find information on the upcoming Pilgrim's Bounty holiday for OverAchiever.
  • C. Christian Moore: (@TheArenaGuy) - I basically never use Twitter, I should probably tweet once every day or two. Going to be eating a lot of soup, I think I've got something, but probably not influenza.
  • Christian Belt: (@ihatewarlocks) - Torchlight! I love that little Diablo-clone. Also, celebrating the idea of BlizzCon coming to my hometown! Viva Belt Vegas! Party at my place. No warlocks.

    ...aaaand now I'm mourning the apparent loss of my glorious, fleeting dream of a Vegas BlizzCon. Damn you, Las Vegas Convention Center, and damn your dream-inspiring-then-soul-crushing booking calendar!
  • Daniel Whitcomb: (@danielwhitcomb) - Yeah, I'm still on the Dragon Age kick. I'm hoping to defeat it before I leave for my big Thanksgiving vacation, but my completionist streak is making me defeat all the side quests too.
  • Eddie Carrington: (@Brigwyn) - The big thing this weekend is joining Mike Schramm and a bunch of our friends at Counter Burger in El Segundo. The rest of the weekend will be spent split between getting in touch with my Horde side and getting the Dorf closer to 80.
  • Elizabeth Wachowski: Dragon Age, same as everyone else on here!
  • Matt Low (@mattycus) - Modern Warfare 2. Dragon Age: Origins. Borderlands. TOO MANY GAMES! TOO LITTLE TIME!
  • Michael Gray (@writegray) - I'll be spending the weekend hoping the final party (a judge, I think) approves my offer on a property in Maryland.
  • Robin Torres: (@cosmiclaurel) - I'm working on my mage, which I will soon be transferring to Zangarmarsh (the It came from the Blog realm). Also, I hear there's some dragon game that a couple people are playing. Maybe I should pick that up.
  • Zach Yonzon: (@battlemasters) - Pacquiao vs. Cotto. I will, just like every Filipino, be indoors tuned to the television. If Pacquiao wins, we'll be whooping it up around the country. If he loses, we'll be drowning our collective national grief in alcohol, or in my case, copious amounts of macha latte.
So, that's it folks. What are you playing this weekend?

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