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Fallen Earth car show today!

Are your poor feet sore from running around Fallen Earth's enormous post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon? Sick of getting chomped on by mutated chickens? Just want to check out the latest and greatest when it comes to kludged-together vehicles -- or perhaps show off your own? Then get your convoy rolling for Spider Hill in the northern part of Sector 1 at 3 PM Eastern today! That's the site of the huge Car Show, being put on by Saints Incorporated and The Shop.

Aside from seeing all the latest in Fallen Earth automotive awesomeness, players who stop by will be treated to giveaways, a wasteland drag show, and heavens knows what else. Post Apoc Radio will also be on the scene to play some rockin' music and provide colorful RP commentary (as always). So gather up the whole clan and come by the Car show -- make valuable crafting friends, or pick up some excellent prizes!

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