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Square Enix and Eidos working on first collaboration


At the Montreal Games Summit, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada announced that Square is working with Eidos Montreal, part of the newly absorbed Eidos, on a new game. The studio is also working on Thief 4 (or ... "Thi4f") and Deus Ex 3. Wada said that the new game "would be the first collaboration between Square Enix and Montreal," in addition to being the first work done by Eidos in tandem with its Square Enix overlords.

Wada framed the development as part of Square Enix's effort to think more globally. What he didn't talk about was what the game is, be it new IP or another sequel. Presumably, it's the first of many such collaborations, since Square Enix is unlikely to let its subsidiary work totally autonomously.

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