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PrimeDTV further saturates HD media streamer segment with PHD-HM5

Darren Murph

Look, we're all for competition, but it's about time for some of these guys to stop copying and start innovating. As if your noggin' wasn't already spinning enough as you attempt to whittle down your laundry list of HD media streamers, in flies PrimeDTV with yet another hopeful. The PHD-HM5 looks to be fairly standard in terms of features, with HDMI / component outputs, a lengthy list of supported formats, an Ethernet socket and a pair of USB 2.0 ports. You won't find WiFi or any internal hard drive, and you'll have to live with the fact that this thing is akin to some lackluster AV component from the early 90s. Oh, and then there's the chore of actually finding one for sale (not to mention an MSRP), which should probably be just enough to push you towards Popcorn Hour.

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