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Sports Authority to begin selling Wii consoles, Wii Fit Plus in stores


Somewhere between the jockstraps and gun racks, The Sports Authority will begin selling Wii and Wii Fit Plus in select stores. Company President David Campisi says, "Sports Authority recognized that the Wii console is a product that can help you stay active and have fun with your family at the same time, which is why the retail partnership with Nintendo is a perfect fit." Meanwhile, the American Council on Exercise finds the actual benefits of Wii Fit "underwhelming."

But, forget the ACE telling us that doing the real-world versions of Wii Fit exercises is healthier, Sports Authority has a multi-million unit selling console and excercise program to sell! Who cares if it actually works -- or people use it? Sports Authority has sold plenty of products over the years to people looking to get healthy, and parents whose kids want to try a new sport, which then get used a few times and exist afterward as dust collectors 'til the end of days.

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