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CCP Games drops more details on EVE's new mission arcs for pirate factions

James Egan

We recently wrote a bit about the new PvE content coming to EVE Online in the Dominion expansion -- Epic Mission Arcs for the Angel Cartel and Guristas pirate factions where your speed will help you survive. Now CCP Games has dropped more info on these branching pirate missions; the Guristas arc is called "Smash and Grab" while the Angel Cartel arc is "Angel Sound". A dev blog written by CCP Jasonitas walks readers through the standings requirements -- if your Angel Cartel standings are horrible but you have decent standings with either the Minmatar or Amarr, you can still run the Angel arc. Likewise with the Guristas, your Caldari or Gallente faction standings will let you embark on the Guristas pirate arc.

In some respects, these arcs will open up pirate faction mission running for many players, given that completion of an arc will impart a 30% standings gain towards that faction. Players have long wanted a way to repair their negative standings towards New Eden's pirate factions and this seems to be the first step towards that. Still, that standings gain won't benefit players who are particularly loathed by a given pirate faction unless the arcs can be repeated some months down the line as with standard Epic Mission Arcs.

If you want to learn more about the new content, give "Epic Pirates Use Speed Boats" a read. It will also help you figure out which mission agents and locations will be an ideal starting point if you're thinking of trying these out in Dominion.

Just for the sake of curiosity, empire mission runners -- will these pirate mission arcs be enough to entice you out into 0.0 for a different take on PvE? And for those readers who already have good standings with the Angel Cartel or Guristas -- does it surprise you that pirate Epic Mission Arcs are being made so accessible to everyone else?

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