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Cycript: Blending Objective-C and JavaScript

Joachim Bean

Cycrypt is a new project that blends Objective-C and JavaScript to make it easier to implement aspects of both together. It's going to be great for using elements that JavaScript offers when programming with Objective-C. It's similar to JSCocoa, but it's been designed to offer a more complete set of JavaScript commands. It offers a full JavaScript parser/serializer, which allows for extensive use of JavaScript coding.

If you're wondering what exactly this is, the Cycript page offers some examples of code written with Cycript. Basically, it allows you to implement full JavaScript commands, while working with Objective-C in the same project.

Cycript is dependent on the MobileSubstrate and libffi libraries, which are available in Cydia. This won't be used to develop applications in the App Store anytime soon.

If you're interested, you can download examples or releases of Cycript. It's still being worked on, but if you're developing with both Objective-C and JavaScript in a project, you should check it out.

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