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GameFly begins selling new games


GameFly, the online game rental service .... wait, that's hardly accurate anymore, let's start over: GameFly, the media company and rental service entity, is now selling new games on its website, including large items like DJ Hero and Tony Hawk Ride. Those expecting to discover the amazing discounts normally found with the service's used games will be disappointed to note that the new games are full retail price and include shipping costs and applicable taxes.

Example for Massachusetts:

  • A new copy of New Super Marios Bros Wii: $50 for the game + $3 tax + $5 for standard shipping = $58
  • The "keep it" price for a member who's been with the service over a year: $39 + $3 tax + no shipping cost = $42 (members also receive a $5 coupon every quarter, which would make it $37)
The "new" store isn't a revelation in retail, but perhaps it'll make more sense later on. GameFly still has some of the best deals in used games we've seen.

[Thanks, Chris S.]

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