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MSI's 21.5-inch multitouch Wind Top AE2220 all-in-one now shipping

Tim Stevens

MSI is on a roll with its Wind Top line of all-in-one machines, the AE2220 being the latest and, for the moment at least, the greatest. Its 21.5-inch screen (curiously .1'' smaller than when originally announced) supports multitouch, backed by Windows 7 Home Premium to ensure you'll never have a completely smudge-free image coming from the ION chipset. 4GB of DDR2 memory is included along with either a 2.2GHz T6600 or 2.1GHz T4300 Intel processor, while storage is now provided by a 500GB drive. Dual PCIe expansion slots gives it some hope of being upgradeable in the future, and VESA wall mount compatibility means you won't even have to clean up your desk. It hasn't shown up at retailers just yet, but Amazon is still listing a pre-order page at $699, $50 under MSRP and what we'd consider to be a very fair price indeed.

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