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Sega considering Bayonetta PS3 patch to address long load times

We've all seen reports about the PS3 version of Bayonetta's visual inferiority to the 360 iteration of the game, but according to a few forum posters on Platinum Games' site, the title is plagued by a bigger problem on Sony's home console: Lengthy load times. According to one forum post, it takes 25 seconds to load a level, 10 seconds to load a cutscene, five seconds to open the menu and three seconds to pick up an item. In the context of the game, that last one makes sense -- we imagine hair-clothes don't offer the flexibility required to collect an object from the ground.

Fortunately, a Sega representative responded to one such complaint, saying "a patch to correct this issue is under consideration," later adding that there's no time frame as to when a decision about the update would take place. In the interest of universal cross-platform equality, we're sincerely hoping the answer is "before January 5."

[Via 1UP]

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